Lionel Richie is a ''protective dad'' who doesn't want Katy Perry to ride a motorcycle.

The 'Dark Horse' hitmaker got a license to ride one of the powerful vehicles for her new music video for 'Harleys in Hawaii' and while she's delighted with her new skill, her fellow 'American Idol' judge isn't as thrilled.

Katy said: ''I had done the four-day course, but I had never like, actually hopped on a Harley [before filming the music video].''

Horrified Lionel added: ''She took a four-day course and she comes to me and she says, 'I'm going to leave on my motorcycle.' I need you!''

Katy quipped: ''[He's being] a protective dad.''

And it isn't the first time the 35-year-old pop star has worried Lionel and fellow 'Idol' judge Luke Bryan with her love of motorcycles, as they were also concerned when they realised she'd been a passenger on fiance Orlando Bloom's bike.

Luke told 'Entertainment Tonight': ''Last year, Ryan [Seacrest] invited us over to a dinner, and I roll up and I see a little Harley there. I was in, and Orlando and Katy are already at Ryan's and I'm like, 'Orlando...'

''We're like, being protective, we're like telling Orlando, 'Don't you...' ''

Katy interrupted: ''And then I go ahead and get my own!''

Lionel added: ''All we think about is, this is a team. This is an act. We're a group.

''I don't want my star person over here hanging out on a motorcycle!''

While Katy is keen to take her friends for a spin on her bike, they are not so enthusiastic.

Asked if he'd get on the back, the 'All Night Long' hitmaker shouted: ''No!''