Lisa Rinna will spend her Thanksgiving holiday nursing her husband Harry Hamlin back to health after the actor was diagnosed with influenza.
The L.A. Law star fell ill after a recent trip to Israel but refused to seek medical attention until his actress wife Rinna took him to the doctor on Wednesday (23Nov11).
Rinna took to her page to tell fans about Hamlin's illness and assure them he will recover.
In a series of posts on the social networking site, she writes, "My husband can be so stubborn. I just forced him to go to the doctor. He is so sick can't move for 3 days he's mad at me for dragging him here. Tough s**t buddy. Oh he's so mad at me for making him get out of bed! Whatever!
"I called his doctor, told him his symptoms (and) the Doc said you've got to bring him in right away. HH (Hamlin was) kicking and grunting the whole way here! He has the flu. But he will be fine whew!"