Lisa Rinna, the American television host and actress best known for starring as Billie Reed on Days of Our Lives, has signed on as the spokesperson for 'Depend' underwear. The brand is known for making unisex products for those experiencing urinary incontinence, which has inevitability led to jokes in the Twitter universe.
Chat show host Jimmy Fallon was among the first to poke fun at the strange collaboration, telling followers, "Actress Lisa Rinna is the new spokesperson for Depends adult diapers. Yeah, the story wasn't supposed to get out, but it leaked". In the new ads, Rinna is seen showing how sleek the underwear can be beneath outfits, with her husband Harry Hamlin seen offering his approval. Speaking to the Today Show's Ann Curry on Friday (April 13, 2012), Lisa said, "You can be sexy and feel good about yourself and wear this product.Yes, my husband does feel me up in the longer version (of the ad); happily so, I mean he is my husband". Rinna doesn't appear embarrassed by the collaboration and says the company even donated $250,000 to 'Dress for Success' after she signed on.
When Curry joked with Rinna about whether she would do denture-product ads, Rinna said, "I am a woman aging, and we will all age and we will all die in the end, so let's have fun doing it".