Actress Lisa Rinna has asked fans for their well wishes after her father Frank came down with a nasty case of pneumonia and her dog Lola suffered a seizure over the weekend (26-28Apr13).

The former Melrose Place star took to on Saturday (27Apr13) to reveal she made an emergency trip to the vet in the early hours of the morning after her Rottweiler suffered a major health scare in the night.

In a series of posts, she wrote, "We had such a scare last night our Rottie Lola had a seizure and couldn't walk and we rushed her to the emergency room at midnight. She is better today thank god. Waiting to speak with the vet. So scary! We love our Lola so much! How and why does a 5 yr old dog have a seizure our (sic) of the blue? She cried out like she had been hit by a car and then was shaking. Could be fertilizer or snail bait in the yard the vet said... She struggled to regain balance then had another seizure when we got her to the vet. Harry carried her down the stairs all 88 pounds scary!

"Now they are thinking it might be a Spider bite! We just don't know! Lola has blindness from the seizure so please send good thoughts and prayers for her to regain her sight."

The pooch appeared to be recovering on Sunday (28Apr13) as Rinna tweeted, "I haven't slept much in the past 2 days but happy to report Lola is better! Thought she wouldn't make it through the night honestly-She did! Lola came running up the stairs this Am (morning) and I said prayers answered!"

However, Rinna was immediately hit with bad news from her mother Lois, who informed the star her father Frank was ill.

The actress added, "Lois just calls me & says Frank's Dr told him he is lucky 2 B (to be) alive he had the worst case of pneumonia he has evr (ever) seen shld (should) of killed him... I come from some Strong Stock that's for sure! FIGHTERS Please say a prayer for Frankie 91 years old and Lola the dog 5 yrs old (sic)."