LISA SNOWDON has tried to be more ''accepting'' of the ageing process.

The 44-year-old model - who was scouted by Premier Model Management at the age of 19 - has admitted she is slowly coming to terms with how her body has changed as she has got older, and although she still feels ''confident'' in her body she believes the signs of ageing, which she has admitted she can't and won't prevent with cosmetic treatments, are a characteristic that make you ''who you are''.

Speaking to Hello! magazine, the brunette beauty said: ''I still feel confident about my body. Obviously I'm getting older and things change. Areas look a little different in the mirror but you just accept that.

''I've tried to be more accepting of it [ageing]. You can't stop it. When you go to extreme measures, it can look quite scary. What's important to me is skin quality rather than losing wrinkles. The wrinkles make you who you are. I'm not a Botox person but there are other things you can do.''

And instead of going under the knife, Lisa - who was a former host of 'Britain's Next Top Model' in 2006 - prefers to have ultrasound treatment to ''tighten'' her skin.

Speaking about the secret to achieving a flawless complexion, she said: ''One of my favourite facials is the 3D SkinLift by Ultraformer at EF Medispa, an ultrasound treatment to help tighten and lift the skin on the neck, around the eyes and the lower part of the face - the jowls. It gives you that boost without resorting to having needles stuck in you or going under the knife.''

Meanwhile, Lisa has admitted she has ''never'' fasted or undergone a juice detox to lose weight, although she does follow a healthy eating regime.

She said: ''I've never fasted or done a juice diet. I like my food too much. But I try to limit my sugar and don't have dairy anymore; and I cut down on bread. I might have sweet potatoes instead of normal ones and have plates of veggies on my veggie days. I try to avoid fried things and have brown rice and pasta.

''I just want to continue feeling peaceful and happy.''