LISA SNOWDON eats all her meals with chopsticks.

The 47-year-old model has opted not to use a knife and fork any more because she was ''shovelling food in'' at meal times but her new method makes her eat more slowly and ''trick'' herself into enjoying smaller portions.

Speaking to Closer magazine, she said: ''It's weird, but it makes me eat more slowly. If I'm hungry and I use a fork, I shovel food in like an absolute cannibal, but with chopsticks I chew more and it takes longer. It's a good method to trick myself into eating less.''

Lisa - who is engaged to George Smart - refuses to weigh herself and instead gauges her body shape by how well her clothes fit.

She said: ''I don't own scales, I think they're the devil. I just become obsessed and jump on and off them at different times of the day. Now, I judge whether I've put on weight by how my clothes fit. If my jeans are snug and there's excess skin at the top, I'll do portion control and limit carbs after 6pm.

''I restrict booze too - I get too excited by a lunchtime glass of rose in summer. It's hidden calories though so I'll swap wine for a lower-calorie vodka, lime and soda.''

Lisa - who has spoken openly about her battle with depression in the past - always finds the time to exercise regularly because it helps with her mental health.

She said: ''Exercise played a big part in helping me through a difficult time, it goes hand in hand with mental health.

''If I'm going into a spiral where I feel down and I haven't had time to work out, I'll make the wrong decisions and overeat.

''I can feel myself getting into a bit of a bad spiral and I'm more likely to sit there having chips and chocolate.''