Pop star Lorde is adamant her previous comments about Kim Kardashian's controversial naked photoshoot have been taken out of context, insisting the reality Tv star's full-frontal portrait is "beautiful" and "pure heaven".

Kardashian hit headlines earlier this week (beg10Nov14) when snaps taken by photographer Jean-Paul Goude for Paper magazine emerged online.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star shared the pictures on her Instagram.com page, and Lorde posted a comment, simply writing "Mom". Many fans believed it to be a negative remark, similar to Glee star Naya Rivera's damning response, which read, "I normally don't. But... you're someone's mother..."

The Royals hitmaker has now written a post on her Tumblr.com blog to explain she was actually praising Kardashian and accidentally got lumped in with Rivera's message.

Lorde writes, "Time to explain this. I retweeted Kim's amazing cover and wrote 'Mom', which among the youthz (sic) is a compliment; it basically jokingly means 'adopt me/be my second mom/I think of you as a mother figure you are so epic'... but straight after that I think someone else called out the cover saying Kim has no right to look that sexy as she is a mother which is total trash - why should that stop her? If anything I think she gets even more beautiful and sexy all the time like a fine a** wine, and of course has every right to showcase that - but I think our two comments got lumped in and also maybe (people) don't understand my breed of humour/worship... Kim's cover was pure heaven. So, so beautiful. I'm proud to say it'll be on my wall. ps. I messaged our mutual friend straight away and made sure Kim understood, and she does and all is well."