Lorde was once hit in the stomach with a rotting pear.

The 'Royals' singer insists she was ''never bullied'' during her time at school, but recalled one incident where she was struck ''hard'' with the overly-ripe fruit, which exploded on impact.

She said: ''It hit me so hard in the stomach that it exploded everywhere.Look, you don't have to do anything in high school to get a rotten pear thrown at you. It's just what happens, and if you're annoyed about it, you are silly.''

Though the 17-year-old singer thinks she is ''weird'', her quirks have never held her back socially.

She told the new issue of Billboard magazine: ''As weird as I am with communicating, I actually did have a lot of friends in high school.''

And among the things Lorde used to do with her friends was break into other people's boats and attempt to contact spirits with Ouija boards.

She recalled: ''I live in a beach town, and there are these boats that sit on land, and we would break into them.

''We'd sit in them all night, doing Ouija boards and telling secrets. I remember that feeling so vividly, like, 'We are here. It's us against everything else.' ''