Louis Tomlinson thinks boyband stars are victims of ''snobbery''.

The 27-year-old singer - who rose to fame as part of One Direction - believes it's especially tough to make the transition from being a boyband member to a credible rock 'n' roll star.

Louis - who is scheduled to release his debut solo album, Walls', in 2020 - explained: ''I think you've just got to kind of earn your stripes as an artist, and be honest and be real - and whoever likes you, great.

''Whoever doesn't ... well, it is what it is, I suppose.''

Louis' upcoming album has a distinctly different sound to that of One Direction, and he's been pleased with how his long-time fans have reacted to the music he's already released.

He told Yahoo Entertainment: ''It makes me feel really good to do something that is true to my influences and get a good reaction.

''Some people were a little bit shocked, but that's exciting, you know what I mean? That's the way it should be with music.''

Louis also insisted he's not obsessed with achieving commercial success as a solo artist.

The singer - who freely admits to having fallen ''out of love'' with music for a time - is instead focused on making the sort of songs that he enjoys listening to.

He said: ''To be fair, I fell out of love with music a little bit, and I actually kind of come back round to finding bands that I used to love, and finding new bands.

''I had a bit of an epiphany with music - and with my music. I thought, instead of making music for other people, I should start making music for myself and what I really love. So it feels really refreshing to be able to do that.''