Love Actually star Bill Nighy is calling for British movie-maker Richard Curtis to be given a major national award for his tireless devotion to solving world hunger. Nighy teamed up with the writer/director for ensemble movie LOVE ACTUALLY and then starred in Curtis' politically-edged love story The Girl in the Cafe, and insists his friend should be recognised as a great Brit. The actor claims Curtis cleverly uses subtle political messages in his comedies in an effort to make film fans think about the state of the world. Nighy says, "I'm not naive to think that a TV show or a film is gonna change the world but, incrementally, stuff helps. "Richard Curtis has dedicated half his life to trying to address the fact that half the world has more than they need and half the world hasn't got enough. "He's done that quite quietly without any fuss and he's raised enormous amounts of money - something like 500 million pounds in the last 10 years for Comic Relief (charity). "The Make Poverty History campaign, for which he was a founding member, was the most successful campaign for the poor ever launched. Richard worked tirelessly for years with Bono and (SIR) Bob Geldof, who don't get a lot of thanks for it all the time in my country because there is a certain amount of resistance which I really can't fathom."