Actor Lucas Black tested his golf game on the set of new movie Seven Days In Utopia by insisting on putting and swinging for real - without the aid of computer graphics.
The keen amateur, who plays a wayward professional golfer in the uplifting new film, was horrified when he learned director Matt Russell planned to add perfect drives and strokes at the editing stage and pleaded with him to let him do it himself.
He says, "I play in amateur tournaments like the state amateur events in Missouri, a tour I was at. I grew up in Alabama and there are a lot of great amateur tournaments there and in the summer I try and play with the collegiate players because that's where the steepest competition is.
"I've been doing that for about five years and that definitely helped with this character. There are ways that a competitive golfer holds themselves and you can't fake that.
"I love to accept a challenge but there were times that were frustrating because of the timing of the camera shot. It was almost like I had to hit the ball on cue, which I'm not used to doing. I had to make movie time my time because I wanted to make sure that the swing looked authentic and the shot looked real.
"And I made sure I made all the putts and they were not Cgi. It was an argument up on set because they were planning to Cgi putts in there. They would give me a two-minute window to make the shot and I had to make it or they would Cgi it. I remember I hit it four times and made it on the fourth.
"When I made it my character was supposed to be celebrating but I was more relieved because I had 10 seconds left in that two-minute window to make it."