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Lucille Ball (born 6.8.1911 - died 26.4.1989) Lucille Ball was an American actress, comedian and film executive, known for her fifty-seven year long film career.

Net Worth When Lucille Ball died in 1989, Celebrity Net Worth claims she had a net worth of 40 million USD.

Childhood: Lucille Ball was born in Jamestown, New York to Henry Durrel Ball and Desiree Evelyn Hunt. Three years after she was born while her mother was pregnant with Lucille's brother, her father died from typhoid fever. Four years later, her mother married Edward Peterson. He encouraged Ball to perform as a chorus girl in a show he was putting on when she was twelve, and she promptly decided to begin a career in show business.

Career: In 1936, after years of minor appearances in various films, Lucille Ball got a part in the play Hey Diddle Diddle, although it was cancelled before it made it to Broadway. Ball returned to Hollywood and continued to work in B-Movies, never reaching great stardom until 1948. In that year, Ball stared in the radio show My Favourite Husband. When the show became a success, it was turned into a television series, however it never made it past the pilot. Ball, instead, joined the vaudeville production of the show, which went on to surpass the radio original.

In 1951, Ball became part of the six-year sitcom I Love Lucy, which earned itself five Emmy Awards and was voted the Best TV Show of All Time in 2012. After it finished in 1957, the shows makers went ahead and commissioned a further thirteen one-hour specials.

Personal Life: In 1940, Lucille Ball married Desi Arnaz - a bandleader from Cuba - but she filed for a divorce in 1944. However, the couple soon got back together and in 1951, Ball gave birth to their first child. A year later, their second child was written into the story of the show I Love Lucy, as Ball was pregnant throughout filming and had a caesarean section scheduled for the date of the live episode when her character gave birth. In 1989, Ball suffered from chest pains and underwent surgery for eight hour to receive heart surgery. After making a full recovery, Ball died eight days later from a similar heart problem, unrelated to the surgery.

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Cate Blanchett Cast As Lucille Ball In New Biopic

Cate Blanchett Lucille Ball Aaron Sorkin

Cate Blanchett is to be cast as Lucille Ball in an upcoming biopic produced by the late American actress’s two children – Lucie Arnaz and Desi Arnaz Jr – and written by Aaron Sorkin, according to The Wrap.

The website reports that Australian star Blanchett will play the TV sweetheart in a movie that will focus on Ball’s twenty-year marriage to Cuban bandleader Desi Arnaz from 1940 to 1960. The couple created and starred in the hugely successful sitcom ‘I Love Lucy’, the very first such show to be filmed in front of a live audience.

Cate BlanchettCate Blanchett will be portraying '50s TV star Lucille Ball

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Residents Of Lucille Ball's Hometown Are Petitioning Against Her "Horrible" Statue

Lucille Ball

Residents of Lucille Ball's hometown are hoping to have a statue of the late actress replaced with something a little less terrifying. A Facebook page has emerged calling for residents of Celeron, New York to petition the local authorities, via the local paper, for the removal of the statue.

Read More: Jerry Lewis Is Still Not A Fan Of Female Comedians.

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Jerry Lewis Is Still Not A Fan Of Female Comedians

Jerry Lewis Carol Burnett Lucille Ball

Jerry Lewis say wha-??? The beloved comedian has earned his right to an opinion in the standup world, but his latest statement had more than a few eyebrows raised. On Saturday, Lewis left his hand and footprints in cement outside Hollywood’s Chinese Theater and used the occasions to clear up some of his controversial opinions on female comedians. In an interview a few years ago, Lewis set the internet on fire by expressing his distaste for female comedians. He clarified on Saturday, saying that he did in fact enjoy the comedy of Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett.

Jerry Lewis, Chinese Theater
Jerry Lewis reached a huge milestone Saturday.

Ball “went to the lowest level of the barrel, and she was brilliant because of it,” Lewis said Saturday, according to the Washington Post.

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Mame Review

Reviewing Mame, Lucille Ball's late-in-life stab at starring in an enormous movie musical, gives me the opportunity to pull out one of my favorite SAT words: execrable. I mean, I love Lucy, but...

One of Hollywood's most famous casting blunders, letting Lucy star as Mame instead of Angela Lansbury, who had conquered Broadway in the same role, was a mistake of epic proportions, not unlike the decision to deny Julie Andrews the starring role in the movie version of My Fair Lady. The legend is that Lucy wanted it really badly and even put up some of her own money to guarantee her spot. I bet Desi Arnaz could have talked her out of it, but something tells me she never asked his opinion.

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The Long, Long Trailer Review

I am one of millions who worships at the altar of Lucille Ball, and I also happen to be one of thousands who also worships at the altar of Desi Arnaz, the real brains behind I Love Lucy. Still, unless you're a true Lucy/Desi completist like me, you can probably get in the fast line and pass right by The Long, Long Trailer. I'll give it one star for Lucy, one star for Desi, and half a star for their comic partnership, but that's it. You'd be far better off sticking with I Love Lucy reruns.

A disposable piece of Vicente Minnelli-directed '50s Technicolor fluff, this movie gave Lucy's audience the chance to see her flaming red hair in all its vibrant glory, but it's unlikely they remembered anything else about it a week later. Why Lucy and Desi, who must have been exhausted after four years of TV superstardom, felt they needed to use their summer break to film what's essentially a feature-length sitcom episode is beyond me. They should have just relaxed by the pool and worked on their marriage.

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Ziegfeld Follies Review

Who knew they made clip shows into movies? Ziegfeld Follies is two hours of skits, songs, dances, and jokes from the dying days of vaudeville, brought to us by a who's-who of yesteryear performers. The film opens, believe it or not, with a deceased Florenz Ziegfeld, looking down from heaven, dreaming about his perfect variety show. What follows is that dream, put to film.

With a tagline like "The Greatest Production Since The Birth Of Motion Pictures," you get a little something like the unmanageable monstrosity that Follies ultimately becomes. Structured as a series of unrelated vignettes, directed by different people (not to mention that screenwriting credit list), it's ultimately just a jumble of parts that add up to less than a whole movie.

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Yours, Mine And Ours (1968) Review

He's got 10 kids, she's got 8. Of course, the family of 20 is going to get together and out-Brady that bunch. Yes, there will be hijinks, but this is 1968, so the worst will involve a lost slip and a boy that's a little pushy with the big sister. No, no jock strap in the spaghetti humor. Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda make for an awkward pair (she's a kind of dippy nurse, he's in the navy), but their tales -- based on a true coupling -- are a pleasant enough diversion, despite having aged badly. (Not to mention the fact that Fonda re-recorded all his lines and the sound editing makes them so loud they at first seem to be voice-over.)

Stage Door Review

Stage Door deserves its own solid gold time capsule. This is one for the ages, a hyperwitty comedy/drama written by the brilliant Edna Ferber and George S. Kaufman who took their play from the Broadway stage to the RKO soundstage and put it in the capable hands of director Gregory La Cava and an all-star cast of the most dazzling leading ladies of the 1930s. No, they don't make 'em like this anymore.

Justifiably famous for a rapid-fire script jam-packed with barbed remarks and caustic retorts, the film makes you stifle your laughter so you don't miss the next oncoming zinger. At one point, an exasperated Terry Randall (Katharine Hepburn) says to the delightfully bitchy Jean Maitland (Ginger Rogers), "It'd be a terrific innovation if you could get your mind to stretch a little further than the next wisecrack." Indeed.

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Top Hat Review

Perhaps the definitive Fred & Ginger movie, Top Hat is a story of love and longing and... of course, dancin' galore! Some of the famed couple's greatest moments are on display here: "Dancing Cheek to Cheek" as a couple, and most memorably, Astaire's "Top Hat & Tails" number wherein he uses his cane to "gun down" a lineup of dancers, one by one, his tap shoes serving as the crack of the weapon.

The plot is thin, as is common in 1930s musicals: Astaire is a dancer that's just busting at the seams with his art. He shows off some moves one night in his apartment (and what moves they are, making excellent use of the props in the room), only this annoys the hell out of the woman (Rogers) living downstairs. It's one of the few times that a musical actually makes reference to the fact that it's not normal to break into song and dance whenever the mood strikes you, though of course, eventually, Rogers gets in on the act herself.

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Lucille Ball

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Lucille Ball

Date of birth

6th August, 1911

Date of death

26th April, 1989





Place of birth

Jamestown, NY




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Mame Movie Review

Mame Movie Review

Reviewing Mame, Lucille Ball's late-in-life stab at starring in an enormous movie musical, gives me...

Stage Door Movie Review

Stage Door Movie Review

Stage Door deserves its own solid gold time capsule. This is one for the ages,...

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