Luke Evans thinks people should feel free to wear ''whatever'' they want.

The 40-year-old actor has said he feels ''inspired'' by people who break down boundaries to wear whatever makes them happy, regardless of gender roles, and believes ''masculinity'' isn't defined by ''whether you have black or pink hair''.

When asked about men who break gender boundaries with fashion, he said: ''I think it's very cool, but it's not new. Rock stars have been painting their fingernails black for ages; in the New Romantic era, men wore more make-up than women and had topped their hair even higher. When men do something like that, I think it's great. It sends the message out into the world that masculinity does not depend on whether you have black or pink hair. [...] You have this one life and this one chance to be yourself. If that means you want to wear a dress, do that. Who gives a s**t?''

And the 'Beauty and the Beast' star says the item of clothing isn't as important as ''how'' it is worn.

He added: ''Whatever men and women wear is increasingly accepted, no matter what their sexuality or image is. That inspires me. Our culture allows that today. Masculinity does not depend on what you wear, but how you wear it. However you dress, that's just a fact, but not a problem.''

Luke's fitting rule even applies to suits, which he is known to be a fan of.

When asked about his rules for suits, he told GQ Germany: ''Rule number one: be sure that your suit is properly fitted. And really good. If you have a good figure, the suit should also show that. It mustn't look like a box. A well-fitting suit can be very sexy.

''A bad cut is the worst. The suit just has to fit. Men also often choose the wrong shoes for a suit. The colour has to match. ''