Luke Evans is desperate to play Sir Tom Jones in a movie biopic.

The 38-year-old actor has admitted he would ''love'' nothing more than to play the role of the 77-year-old music legend if a film about the Welsh icon was to be created, because he thinks he could belt out the singer's hits, including 'Delilah' and 'Sex Bomb'.

Speaking about his dream production, the 'Girl On The Train' star - who was born in Pontypool in Wales - said: ''I'd like to say, on record, that if they made a biopic of Tom Jones, I would love to play him.''

Asked if he could match Tom's vocals, the dark-haired hunk said: ''I think definitely I could give it a go.''

And Luke is hoping he can reprise his role as Gaston in the 2017 remake of the 1991 Disney classic 'Beauty and the Beast' star in a spin off in the future, because he thinks there is ''plenty'' of potential for his character.

Speaking about the production, he said: ''Amazing job. It was a great role, I never wanted that job to finish. I'm hoping for a spin off at some point, there's plenty we could do with him.''

Luke also plays the role of Owen Shaw in the 'Fast and Furious' franchise, and he has admitted Dame Judi Dench - who portrays Luke's on-screen mother - forgot they co-starred in the movie together.

Speaking about the embarrassing moment, he explained: ''I get stopped [and recognised] for this bad guy character, as much as I get stopped for anything else.

''She sat across the table and she said 'Oh so where are you from?' She plays my mother in 'Fast 8' but she has never met me, she hadn't connected that I actually played her son ... I just said, 'So I have to remind you that you played my mum in the movie' and she said, 'Oh darling, I'm so sorry, I've never seen any of them so I would never know.'''

The 'Dracula Untold' hunk also features in 'Professor Marston and the Wonder Women', but he has revealed he struggled filming the steamy sex scenes.

Speaking on 'The Jonathan Ross Show', which will air on Saturday (18.11.17), he said: ''I didn't know how to do the tying up thing, none of us did. I can tie my shoelaces up, I can tie myself up in knots sometimes. The director brought in these two ladies who were professional dominatrix. It's a whole community that I didn't know about. So we spent a few days with these two women who taught us how to ... It was all about the women tying me up more than I got to tie them up. It was very entertaining. It was just funny, it was a very weird thing to do on camera. Sex is one thing, but being tied up in a 1920s costume, it was quite funny. [Sex scenes] are awkward.''