Lydia Bright can't live without perfume.

The 'Only Way is Essex' star loves to ''smell nice'' and is a particular fan of the fragrances created by her idol Sarah Jessica Parker.

She said: ''One product that I couldn't live without would be... maybe, perfume. I love spraying perfume. I love smelling nice. [I like] SJP NYC. [I am a fan of hers] but that perfume is amazing as well.''

Lydia also admitted she has expensive tastes when it comes to her favourite beauty products, though she thinks Vaseline is a good basic to hold on to.

Asked about bargain beauty buys in a joint interview with co-star and fellow VIB (Very Important Blonde) Debbie Douglas for the Pro:Voke Touch of Silver haircare range., she said: ''I don't really... I don't think I use...''

Debbie interrupted, saying: ''She's got expensive taste.''

Lydia added: ''Maybe like Vaseline? Do you know what, Vaseline is really good if you put it on your lashes it makes your lashes grow, if you sleep in it. I don't personally use it but I've heard that's a good beauty bargain.''

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