Macaulay Culkin ''didn't know'' how to be treated well until he met Brenda Song.

The 37-year-old actor - who was previously married to Rachel Milner - has been dating his 'Changeland' co-star since last summer and he admitted he found it ''strange'' that she's always been ''good'' to him, and he's now realised that's important in a relationship.

Asked the best qualities in a partner, he said: ''If I say anything about looks, it's vanity. Listen, I would be lying if I didn't say that yeah, looks matter,

''But also like I'm with a lady right now and she is like so good to me that they feel like blows. Like, she just does nice things and I feel like I'm almost like, at first I didn't know how to be treated well in that kind of way.

''It was a strange, almost foreign kind of concept. That kind of thing, that was important to me and now I realised, 'Oh it is important to me as well.' ''

Macaulay is a keen chef so was delighted to receive a ham for Valentine's Day - and in return, he bought his 29-year-old girlfriend some memorabilia from his 1994 movie 'Pagemaster'.

Speaking to Anna Faris on her 'Unqualified' podcast, he said: ''I like spending all day making soup. My lady friend, she just got me a ham for Valentine's Day to bake. She knows me, man. Bone in and everything.

''I got her some flowers and a 'Pagemaster' poster. Kiss my young face! Hey, I gotta do something, you know. It's better than nothing, am I right kids?''

The 'Home Alone' star also spoke candidly about the ''warm and sticky'' experience of losing his virginity to an unnamed girlfriend when he was 15.

He said: ''It wasn't gross or weird. It was, yeah, we planned it.

''It was warm and sticky and I thought like, 'Geez, This is weird. Am I doing it right?' And also we listened to 'The White Album', so there you go.

''In a nutshell, like, 'Am I doing it right? This is really warm and sticky. So many new smells, what's going on?' So yes that was me losing my virginity at 15.''