OSCAR-winning actress Marcia Gay Harden describes her latest film MOOSEPORT as a "silly little movie" with a political message.

The Mystic River actress, 45, wants the values of honesty espoused in the political comedy starring Gene Hackman as a former President running for mayor in Mooseport, Maine - to be reflected in the forthcoming American presidential election.

Harden says, "It's a silly little movie but it has a message.

"It's about honesty and integrity in our political process. And I hope that we have that in this election."

As for her support of Democrat candidate SENATOR JOHN KERRY, Harden adds, "It's not just a reaction against George W Bush.

"I feel that John Kerry is extremely intelligent. I like that he was in the military - my dad was a military officer - and that he spoke out against what he thought was wrong.

"He seems to be a diplomat and the world needs that right now."

24/08/2004 21:10