Angie Miller seems to be a favorite to win American Idol at this point and her performances of renditions of Elton John’s Sorry, Pink’s Try and Maybe by Emeli Sande seems to have solidified her position but besides performing the three hits – one of which was chosen by critic Jimmy Iovine, the judges and the show’s producers – Angie also showcased her hometown of Beverly.

In a special segment, the singer was shown arriving in Boston and then going back to her small town, where she visited her parents at home, made a stop at the Beverly High School and met up with friends at a coffee shop. Angie also performed for the crowd at her home town. More than 15 000 people had gathered to see the Idol contestant perform at her old school. Miller expressed her amazement at the amount of people who had shown up to support her.

“This is incredible,” she said. “I mean, it doesn’t get any better than this.”

After the segment, Miller received accolades from the judges for her performances, especially her rendition of Sorry.

“I’ve felt that this was one of the best performances I’ve seen you do,” Mariah Carey said. “I thought it was really good, Angie.” All in all it was a good night for Miller, who has a lot to prove right now, being one of the three finalists up for elimination this week.

Angie Miller, Fox Finalists Party
At this point, Miller seems like one of the favorites to win.