Mariah Carey is a diva. Nicki Minaj is a diva. Is it any wonder then that when you put the two together on a panel and add (oh dear) opinions to the mix, things are going to get heated?

Doubtless, this is exactly what the producers of American Idol had in mind when they came up with the combination. But lately, Mariah has been reluctant to add fuel to the fire. She made a very pacifistic comment in an interview with, saying, “This is a very passionate panel. There are a lot of strong personalities. The fighting is what it is. This is American Idol. It is bigger than some stupid trumped-up thing. It is about the next superstar. The whole thing is convoluted. It is a distraction from the show and the contestants.”

Whilst this sounds very mature of her, is Mariah really fooling anybody? Let’s face it, the Kelly Clarksons and Adam Lamberts of American Idol come once in a blue moon and whilst a winner or finalist might rise up to some prominence if they play their cards right, talent is certainly not the only reason people watch the show for. It’s the drama, pure and simple. And whether it is a contestant openly lying on the show like Matthew Farmer did earlier this week, or two bickering pop stars (aka Mariah and Nicki), the turmoil is the main source of entertainment on Idol. So, when a combination like this happens, it’s not unfortunate, but rather a reason for the producers to pat themselves on the back. It’s probably an opportunity for the stars themselves to cash in, one way or another.