Mariah Carey has cancelled most of her tour dates in South America.

The 'Heartbreaker' hitmaker has pulled a string of performances in Brazil, Argentina and Chile and has cited ''promoter negligence'' for the reason behind her cancellation.

And the star has admitted she is ''devastated'' she was forced to make the decision.

In a statement to E! News, the blonde beauty said: ''To all of my lambs in South America, I am devastated that a portion of this tour had to be cancelled. Thank you for all of the excitement and love - I hope to see you soon, my darlings!''

The 46-year-old powerhouse was set to perform on October 28 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, October 30 in Santiago, Chile, November 1 in São Paulo, Brazil, and November 5 in Porto Alegre, Brazil, as part of her 'The Sweet Sweet Fantasy'

Mariah has since taken to social media to share her disappointment.

She tweeted: ''Devastated my shows in Chile, Argentina & Brazil had to be cancelled. My fans deserve better than how some of these promoters treated them.

''I love my lambs in #SouthAmerica and will do everything I can to come in 2017 the proper way. Thank you for understanding. LYM, Te Amo MC (sic)''