Mariah Carey had a, shall we say eventful, turn on Good Morning America this week. The '#beautiful' singer was set to perform live in Ramsey Playfield for the crowd and the GMA cameras, but the perils of live performance caught up with her. Mariah was decked out in an admittedly gorgeous pink Versace gown, perhaps a bit out of place early in the morning in Rumsey Playfield and maybe that’s why the fashion Gods punished her with a wardrobe malfunction.

As Mariah was chatting to Lara Spencer, she admitted to the back of her dress being unattached. But even the “moment” Carey had to fix the situation, after coming back from the break she announced that her dress had “popped.” Props to Mariah for taking care of the situation though. She did so after a couple of bleeped out comments, but the whole scene finished with her jokingly saying: “Hey, I’ll just hold them up the whole time, what are you gonna do.”

And while we’re sure that some fans would have enjoyed seeing that part of the performance, Mariah came back after another dash backstage, securely dressed in a whole new hot pink ensemble and performed her newest song without a hitch. In the end, it wasn’t perfect, but it was #beautiful.

Mariah Carey, American Idol Finalists PartyMariah Carey, American Idol Filming
Ever the pro, Carey was quick to handle the dress debacle.

The departing American Idol judge premiered the video for the song during the final week of the talent competition, with the track set to be taken from her upcoming, still-untitled album.