The twice-divorced superstar blazes up a bridal gown in the promo for her break-up anthem, which features rapper YG, and she admits the idea was in the works for years.

"I've always wanted to burn a wedding dress in a video," she tells Billboard, "so we took this opportunity to do that 'cause in the We Belong Together video (in 2005), I told (director) Brett Ratner in post (production), I wanted to burn the train of the wedding dress, which was actually the real wedding dress that I wore in one of my many endeavours into marriage.

"He wouldn't light the train up, so I was like, 'You know what? I'm gonna do this myself...'"

Mariah split from her billionaire ex-fiance James Packer in October (16) around the time her divorce from second husband Nick Cannon was finalised.

Although some fans suspect break-up drama prompted the I Don't music video wedding dress burning, she insists time constraints were the primary reason the old idea came back to life.

"It was a day later after we did the song. We had to put it together really quickly," she says of the rushed production of the I Don't promo. "There wasn't really one story line, it was just the breaking up of a, whatever you want to call it, relationship and it kind of fit with the lyrics."

But fans shouldn't hold their breath for a new album - Carey has not released anything since Me. I Am Mariah... The Elusive Chanteuse in 2014, and she plans on continuing to drop nothing but singles in the near future, thanks to a lack of focus.

"Right now, I'm not doing an album because when I do an album, I really like to go somewhere tropical and a lot of different places to make albums so that I can focus and make a full, cohesive body of work...," she explains. "Everything is so quick in the music business that it's better for me to collaborate and do some different records and then eventually make it into an album and add a couple of new songs."