The 46-year-old pop star and the Australian billionaire ended their two-year romance in October (16), around the time her divorce from second husband Nick Cannon was finalised.

Many fans speculate Carey's new song I Don't is a lyrical snapshot of why her relationship with Packer proved unsuccessful, but the twice-divorced singer insists the tune was written as a tribute to all of her exes.

"People probably think that song is about one person," she explains to ETOnline, "And I was thinking about it the other night and I said, 'You know, this is applicable to so many different people that have been in my life.'

"To me, it's (I Don't) not (about one person), because I think that's the reason other people can relate to it, and people are starting to say, 'Oh its like a break-up anthem,' I think people can just relate to it on that level."

Mariah recently confirmed she and her back-up dancer Bryan Tanaka are officially an item when she referred to him as her "boyfriend" in an interview with the Associated Press last week (15Feb17), but she refuses to elaborate on just how in love they are with each other.

"If I referred to him as something, then wouldn’t that be what I was referring to him as?" Mariah says coyly. "I really don’t want to talk about my personal life very much because I just like to keep it for myself."