Why is everyone talking about a Mariah Carey wardrobe malfunction? What does 'wardrobe malfunction' even mean? The imagery that springs to mind is of a robotic wardrobe which has had water poured into it with sparks flying, gears grinding, eventually to a halt. That would be a 'wardrobe malfunction'. A very, very slight nip-slip is neither a malfunction nor something to be talked about. Half the world's adult population has breasts, or has no one noticed that yet?

Sometimes a lot of extra flesh is accidentally flashed. More often than not it's a woman and more often than not that woman is criticised for having a body that doesn't play by the rules. Carey's breasts' slight misdemeanour is hardly worth a mention. In fact, it shouldn't be mentioned. For women's bodies to come under such scrutiny is a scandal. Nevertheless, the faint whisp of a left areola was visible and that, apparently, is worth a conversation.

Carey appeared at the So So Def 20th Anniversary Concert in Atlanta last week. It was a celebration of her pals including Jermaine Dupri and it's a real shame that focus hasn't been kept on that far more important aspect of the event. US Weekly said that Carey gave the audience "quite a show" when  a 'breast popped out' as she raised her hands to wave to the audience. Photos from the 'malfunction' show almost nothing, the audience, not all of whom had the zoom-lens power of the photographers will definitely not have been able to see anything. Yes, Carey probably helped give them quite a show, but not for the reasons US Weekly claim, rather, simply because she's an enormous star and great friend to Jermaine Dupri etal