Mariska Hargitay almost lost her job on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit over a bad haircut.

The actress, who has played Detective Olivia Benson on the drama since its debut in 1999, was in the middle of an episode when she called in a top French stylist to trim her hair for a photoshoot, and he cut off the wrong piece.

She explains, "I give the guy a glass of wine, he's trimming my hair, everything's great... and then all of a sudden I turn my head and he cuts the wrong piece off and I was like, 'No...!' I'm like, 'Dude, I'm in the middle of an episode'.

"I got in so much trouble... I called (show creator) DICk Wolf and was like, 'I've fired people for less'... I said, 'You can't be mad at me; I'm the one with the dramatic hair do'."