Mark Owen has been an ''emotional wreck'' since he quit smoking.

The Take That singer gave up nicotine at the beginning of the year and admitted he is turning to ''chocolate'' to fill the gap.

He told The Sun on Sunday newspaper: ''I stopped smoking on my 41st birthday, in January, and I've been an emotional wreck ever since.

''I've been a little bit on the edge, it's been four months. Chocolate has taken over from that.''

The 'Shine' pop star admitted he hasn't noticed any ''benefits'' thus far, although he revealed he is ''definitely'' pleased he stopped drinking alcohol.

He said: ''I can't say I've had any benefits [from quitting smoking] yet but the drinking, definitely massive benefits - waking up in the morning and not carrying a bottle of wine inside you.

''It's been three years - I'm glad I stopped.''

Mark will release 'The Art of Doing Nothing' - his fourth solo album - in June and explained it has been a nice way to stay ''sociable'' without going out drinking.

He added: ''The nicest thing has been getting a lot of creative people involved.

''Because I don't go out any more and drink, it's just a way to bring people round and still have that sociable feeling.

''If I'm being really selfish about the whole thing it's about having company. They tell me all their stories of the week - it's a little bit like visiting your gran.''