Mark Ronson's upcoming single with Miley Cyrus contained premonitory lyrics about a ''burning house''.

The 'Uptown Funk' hitmaker has teamed up with Miley, 26, for their brand new single 'Nothing Breaks Like A Heart' - which will be released on Thursday (29.11.18) - and the track contains lyrics about a ''smoking house'' written weeks before the former Disney star and her fiancé lost their house in Malibu to the California Wildfires.

Speaking to The Daily Star newspaper, Ronson said: ''We recorded at Shangri-La, Rick Rubin's magical studio, in Malibu where all the fires just happened and Miley happened to lose her house. She reminded me that the first few lyrics of the song are this line about, 'This burning house there's nothing left it's smoking'. Her boyfriend carried like two 200lb pigs to safety and eight dogs, that's the nice side of the story.''

Ronson, 43, has admitted he became ''obsessed'' with Miley's music and knew he wanted to team up with the 'Wrecking Ball' singer when he caught her performance on Saturday Night Live's 40th anniversary in 2015.

He shared: ''I saw Miley on Saturday Night Live's 40th anniversary a couple of years ago sing '50 Ways To Leave Your Lover'. It was really emotive and I was completely obsessed. I would text her three times and she would eventually get back to me three weeks later.''

The 'Valerie' chart topper also confessed that fans should expect his most ''emotional'' songs yet on his upcoming new album as he was going through hard times in his personal life when penning the highly-anticipated album.

Mark admitted: ''I was going through some s**t in my personal life and the (marriage) separation. They are songs with heavy emotions.''