Mark Ronson is moving to New York.

The 44-year-old record producer and DJ has been living in Los Angeles for several years, but he's now decided to up sticks and move across America to New York City, where he plans to purchase a home near his pal Justin Theroux.

A source told The Sun on Sunday's Bizarre column: ''Mark has grown a bit tired of LA and felt it was time to have a change of scene.

''He has seen a few places he likes, including an £8million one in New York's West Village near his good pal Justin Theroux.''

The 'Uptown Funk' hitmaker bought his £3.5 million home in Los Feliz, California, last year after splitting from his ex-wife Josephine de La Baume, and is now said to be selling it in favour of a New York pad.

Meanwhile, Mark recently said his new album 'Late Night Feelings' was inspired by his divorce from the French actress and model.

He said: ''It's a break-up album. Every time I went to the studio I'd throw out ideas and some were light-hearted things but the ones staying with me all had melancholy.

''You really have to go through something kind of f***-up to make good art sometimes ... it's not necessarily always how I've operated.

''I think the idea of being a little bit rocked out of your comfort zone is a good thing.''

Since his divorce, Mark has gone on to romance Rebecca Schwartz, but the pair split earlier this year and he is currently thought to be single.

The 'Find U Again' musician has said his music ''fills a void'' left by his heartbreaks, but admitted he would give up his career if it meant he could have a family.

He added: ''I've never thought that [work] was a replacement for having a family of my own, but I definitely think it fills some of that void more than if I was going to an office.

''I do have these warm relationships that maybe [satisfy] part of my soul that needs fulfilling. But believe me, I'd trade it in for kids.''