Mark Ronson no longer feels pressured to make a better record than 'Uptown Funk'.

The 43-year-old DJ-and-producer used to be obsessed with writing music that matched up to the smash hit, which featured Bruno Mars, but whilst working on his forthcoming solo album, he hasn't felt the need to constantly compare the new material to the 2014 pop phenomenon.

He admitted: ''I think there was no ... thing in my mind of, 'Oh, I've gotta follow 'Uptown Funk'.

''I think I fell into that trap with a few singles and sh*t that I put out since then, but this feels like a different project.''

Mark recently released his song with Miley Cyrus, 'Nothing Breaks Like A Heart', and he's revealed he's working on a track called 'Laurie' with Tame Impala's Kevin Parker.

Mark and Kevin worked together on Lady Gaga's LP 'Joanne' and he also featured on the song 'Daffodils' on Mark's 2015 album 'Uptown Special'.

He told ''We have a song that we wrote together for my record called 'Laurie' that we're working on.''

Whilst he also teased that the Australian group's new music ''sounded amazing - like that's a surprise to anyone. It's pretty mind-blowing and great.''

However, when asked for a timescale for his next record, Mark admitted: ''I don't really know!

''I didn't know when we were gonna put this record out. Miley was like, 'November, let's go'. So now I'm like, 'Oh, I better go finish this thing!'''

The 'Valerie' chart-topper recently confessed that fans should expect his most ''emotional'' songs yet on the new album as he was going through hard times in his personal life - including his divorce from his wife Josephine de La Baume last year - when penning the tracks.

Mark admitted: ''I was going through some s**t in my personal life and the (marriage) separation. They are songs with heavy emotions.''