Mark Ronson says playing with LEGO was his first experience of being ''creative''.

The studio wizard has teamed up with The LEGO Group along with gymnast Simone Biles and fashion designer Tomo Koizumi to showcase how the popular building blocks are vital for the ''next generation'' of creators.

He said: ''Building with LEGO bricks is one of my earliest memories of being creative and also experiencing the satisfaction of seeing something through from start to finish.

''Both of these things are the bedrock of what I do today - in the studio it is important for me to be creative but also task minded. LEGO bricks are a great tool to inspire the next generation of creatives to do the same.''

The 'Nothing Breaks like a Heart' hitmaker - who has produced records for the likes of Amy Winehouse, Lady Gaga, Lily Allen and Miley Cyrus - has explained his process through building LEGO.

In a video shared one the official LEGO YouTube page, Mark revealed how he builds a medley using the coloured bricks and puts the different parts of a song together.

The 'Uptown Funk' hitmaker says that it's the ''accidents'' that happen along the way that lead to magic.

Shaking a tub of mini-bricks, he said: ''I mean it's not a bad shaker to be honest. And I'm sure if you took some of the bricks out you get some different sounds. Yeah ... it's handy to know.

''Play is kind of at the heart of anything creative you know, certainly at that jumping off point of inspiration. There is only 12 notes in a scale, every single order or arrangement of those has of course been done through 500 years of modern music. That is completely taking away the human and the spiritual aspect of it. Basically to create a track we start with a beat. Next would probably be the bassline, something groovy, something that compliments the drums that finds the space. Maybe break it apart and reset and then we rebuild. There is like a seed or shred of something interesting and good in even the tiniest idea. You don't necessarily want the bassline to be taking the whole of the drumbeat, you kind of want a little ... It's all the weird twists and turns and accidents that happen along the way that make it something else.''

The short film was recorded as part of The Rebuild The World campaign by The LEGO Group, which has been launched to encourage people of all ages to ''unleash'' their creativity.

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