Mark Ronson was ''sent to therapy'' when his mother Ann Dexter-Jones was divorcing her husband Mick Jones.

The 'Shallow' hitmaker's parent split from the Foreigner rocker in 2007, before the pair re-married 10 years later, and the 43-year-old producer has revealed he spent time with a councillor during the ''proceedings'' of the dissolution of the marriage, but admitted he's been to therapy more ''in the last three or four years'' than ever before because he can get ''overwhelmed quite easily''.

In a candid interview with GQ HYPE, Mark - who divorced Joséphine de La Baume last year - recalled: ''I was sent to a therapist during divorce proceedings, but not for long and I've done it more in the last three or four years. I find it helpful. I'm not constantly on speed dial to my therapist but I can get overwhelmed quite easily.''

The 'Uptown Funk' hitmaker - whose father is music manager Laurence Ronson - also opened up about channelling the ''overwhelming emotion'' he felt after his split from 34-year-old actress-and-model Joséphine in 2017 into his new album, 'Late Night Feelings', and recalled how there was a ''connection'' between his ''hands and the piano'' when he was bashing out his collection of ''sad bangers''.

He told the publication: ''When I had that overwhelming emotion, I could actually feel the connection between my hands and the piano, I knew I was going to get some more interesting chords as it came through.

''As much as it was not the most pleasant thing to go through, there was a feeling that I might be able to get something good out of it musically.''

Mark also admitted he ''exhausted'' himself trying to force himself to make upbeat songs.

He said: '''Late Night Feelings' is my first honest record ... I reached a point where I was exhausted with trying to make irrefutably ebullient music.''

See the full interview available online now via GQ HYPE.