Mark Wahlberg ''doesn't ever sweat''.

The 46-year-old actor might keep himself in great shape when he hits the gym, but he won't be caught breaking into a sweat as his 'Daddy's Home' co-star Will Ferrell has revealed the hunk never perspires, and joked he can even wear ''wool suits'' without fear of overheating.

Speaking to Ellen Degeneres during an appearance on her talk show alongside Mark, 50-year-old Will said: ''He doesn't ever sweat. We've done interviews together and all of a sudden I'll break out sweating profusely. And Mark just goes, 'What's going on? You OK?' ''

Will then told his co-star: ''And you'll be in a wool suit with a tie and looking perfect!''

Mark's ability to keep dry also comes in handy when the star is keeping up with his exercise regime, although he previously admitted maintaining his physique is ''harder'' now that he's older.

He shared: ''It gets harder the older you get. That's why staying in shape and maintaining it is always easier than going from one extreme to the other, heavy to getting in shape to stop­ping training and getting heavy again.''

And the 'Deepwater Horizon' star takes a strict approach to his meals in order to help him stay in shape, even though his children - Ella, 13, Michael, 10, Brendan, eight and Grace, six - think his eating habits are ''disgusting''.

He said previously: ''I start at, like, 2 a.m. Egg whites and Ezekiel bread with some almond butter. Then I have some Greek yogurt and a shake. And turkey burgers with sweet potato. Then I have a chicken.

''The kids are eating pancakes and I'm just roasting a chicken, and the whole house smells like chicken, and they are like, 'Dad, you are disgusting.' I've had all those meals already today, and I just had a tuna salad. And I'm looking forward to some whitefish in about an hour.''