Mark Wahlberg has admitted he often gets mistaken for Matt Damon.

The 46-year-old actor might be a star in his own right, but he has admitted people often come up to him to praise him for movies he never starred in, as they believe he is fellow Hollywood hunk Matt Damon.

And, rather than face the embarrassment of having to correct the strangers, the 'Daddy's Home' star admits he often just goes with it.

Speaking during an appearance on 'Late Night with Seth Meyers' on Thursday (09.11.17), Mark said: ''Yeah, he gets recognised for me and I get recognised as him but I never tell people. I never correct anybody. Somebody comes up to me and says, 'I loved you in 'Bourne Identity', I say 'Thank you, I got another coming out soon' and I just keep going.

''I don't want to have to apologise then start explaining. Don't want to think I'm offended, I'm not offended at all.''

Mark isn't the only star to be mistaken for a fellow actor either, as Colin Farrell recently revealed people often get him confused with his namesake Colin Firth, even though he says the 'Kingsman: The Secret Service' actor has ''a lot more decorum'' than he does.

Farrell said: ''Even though he beats me by an Oscar, about ten inches and a lot more decorum. I tried to sign up for gym once and the woman got on the phone to sort out the membership and she said in a rather loud whisper, 'Colin Firth is here.'''

And Farrell - who has been single for over six years - previously hinted he was considering joining dating app Tinder, though he could face the same identity crisis problem if hopeful romantics believe his is the wrong Colin.

He said last year: ''I have friends who have met people on dating sites who have had really good relationships, and that's great. F**k anyone else who says that's bulls**t.''