Mark Wahlberg's children thought his puppy surprise was going to be the Kardashians.

The 48-year-old actor took home a pet pooch - a Pomeranian dog named Champ - for his family, but when he initially told three of their kids he had ''someone very important'' at their home, they thought he meant a visit from Kim Kardashian West and her husband Kanye West.

In an appearance on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show', he said: ''I told the kids someone very important was coming to the house ... Meanwhile, my wife barges into the room and goes, 'I need to talk to you right now.' Drags me outside and goes, 'Why are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West coming here at dinnertime?!'

''She said, 'Brendan and Grace literally said 'if it's someone important it's gotta be them.' I'm like, 'It's not them. I got a dog.' ''

The 'Transformers' star explained the situation to his wife Rhea Durham - with whom he has children Ella, Grace, Michael and Brendan - and she wasn't impressed with the way things had unfolded.

It turns out she didn't approve of the ''little furry'' breed as a mutt mate.

He added: ''Then she got upset because I didn't include her in the selecting of the dog.''

Mark himself wasn't totally sure at first, as he was worried the new addition to the household would ruin his beloved lawn.

He said: ''When I saw the guy who had the Pomeranian, I was like, 'How big does that dog get?' and he said, 'This is full grown'.

''I said, 'How big is the poop?' and he said, 'It's like a little Tootsie Roll'. I said, 'I can manage that!' ''

Thankfully, the whole family are now enamoured with Champ, and Mark revealed the dog is definitely in charge of the house.

He admitted: ''She, now, and everybody is in love with the dog. The dog runs the house ... The smiles on their faces were absolutely precious.''