The biggest thorn in the side of Mark Zuckerberg in his quest for online domination has long been the Internet powerhouse that is Google, and for a while it looked as though the two were relatively evenly matched in their respective fields.

However Google may have just come up trumps with a way of finally ousting Facebook from the top of the social media charts, with their latest swift acquisition; online marketing company Wildfire Interactive. A statement from Wildfire read: "Today we are about to start a new chapter of our story and we couldn't be more excited to share the news: Wildfire is joining Google! We truly could not think of a more perfect home for Wildfire." The acquisition of the company alone sees one of facebook's closest allies now residing under the Google umbrella. There's also another huge pro for Google as Wildfire employ a Zuckerberg of their own; Arielle Zuckerberg works as a junior product manager for the social media marketing company.

According to Business Insider, who broke this story in the first place, Mark had already tried to lure Arielle into joining him over at Facebook, as he did with his other sister Randi, who has since left the company following years as head of consumer marketing.

Arielle was cautious to take up her brother's offer and in the end decided to carve out a career of her own accord.

Let's hope that neither are the type to hold a grudge, otherwise Christmas is going to be one awkward holiday for the Zuckerbergs.