Martin Freeman had to read the 'Ghost Stories' script ''a couple of times'' before he understood the plot.

The 46-year-old actor stars as Mike Priddle in the new horror movie, which tells the story of supernatural ghost sightings, but Martin has admitted he struggled to grasp the concept at first.

He confessed: ''I had to read it a couple of times, definitely, because as you get to the last act, you're like, hang on, what world am I in now? So, it was not easy. It took a couple of detailed goes.''

In fact, Martin had to turn to co-directors Andy Nyman and Jeremy Dyson before he finally understood their ambition.

He told Den of Geek: ''I was able to go 'So does that mean, hang on a minute, is that really...' Because you get so, and I think you do when you watch the film, you get so into his story, 'I'm a professor and I investigate the paranormal'.

''You go 'oh, so that's really true then', then Andy went 'Well, no, not really. It's just another thing that he's made up for himself in order to cope'. That's his subconscious making the world for himself in his state that he's in at the end.

''It's more interesting because the biggest horror is in you. That's the most horrifying stuff is the stuff that's going on within you, which is stuff you can't run away from.''

Despite his talents, Martin tried to approach the role in the most simplistic way possible, insisting he ''can't play 12 things at once''.

He said: ''I try and keep things simple for myself, so what are the few characteristics about this person that are applicable. Because you can get too bogged down with 'Is he that? He's that!'. You can't play 12 things at once, but you can play a couple of things at once. Or at least I can.''