Moviemaker Martin Mcdonagh was so concerned that comments Colin Farrell's character makes about picturesque Bruges in his new film would upset Belgians, he insisted on screening it for tourism bosses. In action comedy In Bruges, Farrell and fellow Irish actor Brendan Gleeson play hitmen reluctantly lying low in the town, and trying to blend in with tourists. Farrell's Ray really dislikes his pretty surroundings and is very vocal about his hatred for Bruges throughout the film, and MCDonagh feared the script would upset locals who helped him make the film. But he could not have been more wrong. He explains, "Colin's character isn't polite about the town but we showed it to the mayor's office who were a big help to us and the Belgian tourist board and the reports were that they loved it. "Their main thing was to show off Bruges as the picturesque place that it is, so I think we managed to capture that."