Collin Farrell has described 'Seven Psychopaths' as a ''wonderful adventure''.

The Irish actor is reuniting with 'In Bruges' director Martin Mcdonagh for the crime-based comedy and Colin revealed that the script won him over from all the surprises and twists.

He said: ''With the 'Seven Psychopaths' script, every now and then you read something and it just jumps of the page, and 'Seven Psychopaths' does that ... and then it slaps you across the face, it gets you by the back of the head and slams you into a table, then it gives you a kick in the arse - it really takes you on a wonderful ride.

''I was delighted to be working with Martin again. I loved the script for 'Seven Psychopaths'.''

Colin, 36, plays struggling screenwriter Marty, who is trying to finish his screenplay 'Seven Psychopaths'. In the process he inadvertently becomes entangled in the Los Angeles criminal underworld after his oddball friends - Sam Rockwell and Christopher Walken - kidnap a gangster's beloved Shih Tzu dog to inspire Marty's story.

Talking about his character's struggle, Colin told ''Marty's having a little bit of a difficulty because he's already found the title and he's fallen in love with the title 'Seven Psychopaths', but he hasn't come up with any of the psychopaths.

''And he wants the story to be about peace and love, but its still gotta be about 'Seven Psychopaths', so he's in the midst of that quandary.''

The film is released in the UK on December 7.