24 star Mary Lynn Rajskub was once mistaken for a prostitute when she was an out-of-work actress in Los Angeles. The comedienne, who plays Chloe in the hit drama series, had to flee after stumbling into an "audition" with a pimp, by accident. She explains, "I was wandering aimlessly wearing ratty pyjama bottoms, a top, metallic wraparound sunglasses and a dirty lavender backpack. "A girl wearing a tank top and short shorts stopped me and asked, `Are you looking for work?' "I was, sort of. I had just finished a role in the Kirstie Alley sitcom Veronica's Closet. `Come with me,' said the girl. "I followed her into a doughnut shop, where I was introduced to a man dressed in all black and chunky gold jewellery, and realised he was a pimp. "'My name is Charles, but people call me Lawrence,' he said, `We're in the adult entertainment industry.' "I said, `I'll think about it,' and ran out of the shop."