Actress Mary Lynn Rajskub had a rude awakening after heading to London to shoot a new series of 24 when she had to film scenes in plunging temperatures and driving rain.

The star, who plays computer expert Chloe O'Brian opposite Kiefer Sutherland in the action-packed drama, returns this month (May14) in a new season of the show, dubbed 24: Live Another Day.

Rajskub was among castmembers who jetted to London to begin location shoots in January (14) in the depths of winter, and she was taken aback when she realised the British filming crew expected the cameras to keep on rolling in all weather.

Rajskub, who usually films her scenes for 24 in sun-kissed Los Angeles, tells U.K. Tv show Lorraine, "Everything is different here. It's grittier. I think the crew is more hardcore. You know, we are out in the freezing cold and rain and they didn't even bat an eye. Just like pulling trash bags up - like, 'Alright, let's go!'."

However, her co-star Sutherland appears to have had a much better experience during his time living in the city, adding, "My whole experience here has been fantastic. I think the key to London is finding a nice place to live, and I'm very happy where I'm at and I love my neighbourhood.

"People have been amazing and really respectful. People come up and ask, 'How's the show going?' and things like that but it feels like you're being invited into a neighbourhood instead of being chased around and things like that. So I've had an amazing time here. I can't speak highly enough for the experience (sic)."