Mastodon rocker Bill Kelliher is asking fans for help after he was allegedly ripped off over an online auction item.
The guitarist has taken to the band's page to explain his tale of woe after he was short-changed by an deal.
He writes, "I recently sold a guitar on eBay to a kid in Germany... He didn't like the guitar so asked for a refund. I gladly said, 'Send the item back and I will give you a refund. Well, he opened a case (and) somehow eBay Germany decided in his favour and refunded his money, without ever sending the item back!!!!!! Real cool, eBay.
"So when I opened an appeal to the decision, they asked him to send the item to me. He sent me an empty box!!! And I can do nothing now. eBay claims he sent the item back even though I have the receipts showing when I mailed it to him, it weighed 27 lbs. and when he sent it back, it weighed 11 lbs. They don't wanna hear it. Any help????? Anyone affiliated with eBay Germany???"