British actor Mathew Horne got a saucy surprise when Boy George visited the set of a new biopic - the former Culture Club star has a crush on him.
Horne plays Jon Moss, drummer with the Karma Chameleon hitmakers, in the BBC's Worried About The Boy, a dramatisation of the singer's early years in the band.
George was adamant the production should accurately portray events, so he became a consultant on the film - and took "a shine" to Horne when he visited the shoot.
The actor says, "George became involved quite early on, because obviously it's a film about his life. So he wanted to know whether it was good, whether it was kind to him, so he became a consultant on the film. And he really helped out by providing clothes and rectifying any inaccuracies."
Asked if rumours George took "a shine" to him on set are true, Horne replied: "George made a comment... It's probably not appropriate (to repeat it)."