Matt Damon and Benn Affleck are set to collaborate once again for an upcoming comedy on CBS.The duo's pilot was picked up by CBS after a long and heated bidding and 20th Century Fox TV will produce the show, according to Deadline.

ben affleck
Ben Affleck will co-produce the upcoming comedy

The comedy called 'More Time With The Family' star comedian Tom Papa as a middle-aged man who wants to spend more time with his family and decided to reduce his travelling work.

But when he becomes settled, he realises "no one asked him to do that".

The show originated from Papa and Damon collaborating on movies 'The Informant' and 'Behind The Candela' and the story is based on Papa's stand-up routine as well as Damon's own experiences as a family man.

Ben Affleck was added to the project as his production company, Pearl Street Films, wanted to take on more television opportunities.

matt damon
Damon will use his own experiences as a family man for the series

The Hollywood duo have worked together previously on 'Project Greenlight', where they produced a series that gave first-time filmmakers a chance to direct a feature film and it aired on HBO for two seasons then it moved to Bravo for its third and final season. The show was nominated for 'Outstanding Reality Program' at the Primetime Emmy Awards for each season that aired.

They also produced ABC's mystery series 'Push Nevada' in 2002 before it was cancelled after just airing seven episodes.

Their partnership is probably most well-known for the drama 'Good Will Hunting' in which they both wrote and starred in, alongside Robin Williams. The film won an Oscar in 1997, helping the duo rise to the top of the Hollywood ladder.

The comedy will be written by Cathy Yuspa and Josh Goldsmith ('Til Death) with Ben and Matt serving as executive producers.

tom papa
Tom Papa is set to star in the upcoming comedy