The Crash actor will follow an intelligent serial killer, named Jack, over a span of 12 years, introducing the murders that define his development as a serial killer, according to Deadline.

Moviegoers will experience the story from Jack’s point of view, as he creates each murder as a kind of performance art. Downfall actor Bruno Ganz will take on the role of a mysterious figure named Verge, who interacts with Dillon's character in a continual conversation about his actions and thoughts.

Director von Trier announced the news on Wednesday (02Nov16).

“It’s with great pleasure that we have succeeded in being able to present Matt Dillon and Bruno Ganz as the lead actors in The House That Jack Built," the director told the website. "The two gentlemen have each figured as milestones in my cinematic development.

"Besides being an epochal match, they are excellent actors and fit quite organically into 'my cinematic family'. I look forward with pleasure and pride to working with them both.”

Filming for the movie will take place in Trollhattan, Sweden and Copenhagen, Denmark.