Matthew Morrison feels completely overwhelmed by the love he feels as a father.

The 'Glee' star and wife Renee Puente welcomed Revel James Makai Morrison in October and the 39-year-old actor couldn't hide his parental pride as he attended the 2018 Tony Awards at the Radio City Music Hall in New York over the weekend.

Matthew gushed to 'Entertainment Tonight': ''The amount of love that I feel - like, I heard this quote the other day about how it feels like your heart is outside of your body and it really is true.

''I've never known this kind of love. It's a beautiful, euphoric kind of just amazing feeling that I'm just happy. I'm happy my son chose me. ''

But the 'Grey's Anatomy' star also revealed he is finding some aspects of parenthood harder to get used to than others.

He said: ''Those fingernails grow so fast and sometimes my wife and I both have scratches on our face or on our arms and stuff and then he scratches his own face. I feel like we're clipping his nails every three days - it's crazy. ''

With his first Father's Day coming up this weekend, Matthew admitted: ''I have no idea what to expect. I'm sure my wife is drumming up some kind of fun surprises and stuff, but it's gonna be special.''

Meanwhile, Matthew was delighted to be a guest at the Tony Awards on Sunday (10.06.18) as he received his first nomination for 'The Light in the Piazza' in 2005.

He said: ''I was thinking about it on the car ride over here like my first Tony awards that I got to be at and performed at was when I was doing 'Hairspray'.

''It was 15 years ago and thankfully, they keep asking me to come back and this is home for me. I love this community and the people and I love, I love live performances and live theatre so it's amazing to be here.''