Matthew Morrison is attached to star in the Chinese film 'Crazy Alien'.

The 38-year-old actor, who recently did an ''awkward'' sex scene with Cara Delevingne in upcoming movie 'Tulip Fever', is reportedly set to star in the third instalment of the black comedy trilogy, according to Deadline.

Morrison joins the cast alongside Tom Pelphrey, Kat Nelson and Shen Teng and Huang Bo, who will reprise his role in this film, having starred in the previous two.

Director Ning Hao previously released 'Crazy Stone' (2006) and 'Crazy Rider' (2009) as part of the feature franchise.

It is not yet known what twist the third instalment will take but it's expected to follow in the footsteps of the previous movies.

It is understood that production has already started in Qingdao and although the movie is Chinese, Morrison will speak in English with his lines subtitled in Chinese.

Morrison shot to fame as part of US musical TV show 'Glee', in which he played Spanish teacher Will Schuester - a show which also proved popular in China.

Ning explained: ''We are expanding the potential audience for Chinese films. This time, we are collaborating with extraordinary Hollywood actors. I believe that all these amazing talents will inspire each other to put on a great performance.''

Morrison also starred in Harvey Weinstein's 'Finding Neverland' which was a hit on Broadway.

Speaking about doing sex scenes, Morrison admitted they felt ''weird.''

He said: ''Yes, urm, they are just the weirdest things to film. I'm doing a movie that's coming out later this year called 'Tulip Fever' with Dame Judi Dench and I had a sex scene in there with Cara Delevingne and it's always strange, yeah (awkward). They're very choreographed and there's people and you're in no clothes. It's weird.''

Huanxi Media and Dirty Monkey are producing 'Crazy Alien' and the film is expected to be released in China on February 5, 2019.