British actor Matthew Rhys regrets his decision to buy a house in Los Angeles without keeping the purchase private because his address fell into the hands of an obsessed fan.

The Brothers & Sisters star bought a lavish home in the city in 2008, and he has now revealed his agent warned him to keep the sale secret to make sure his details were kept out of the public domain.

However, Rhys failed to heed the advice and regretted his decision when an obsessed fan found out where he lived.

He tells Britain's Seven magazine, "I bought a house. And they (my agent) said 'Make sure you buy it through your company name, get the realtor to sign something (a non-disclosure agreement)'. At the time I was like, 'Shut up! It'll be fine.' Then I had a bit of a moment when I was doing Brothers & Sisters, someone found out my address."

Rhys reveals the fan started sending strange parcels to his home and turning up at events the actor was attending, but the star insists the problem was resolved by bosses at Disney, the company which owns the network behind Brothers & Sisters.

He adds, "Disney, who own (network) ABC, take their security very seriously... They took care of it."