Meat Loaf's rocker daughter Pearl Aday and her partner, Anthrax star Scott Ian, have formed a new supergroup with members of The Cult and Armored Saint.

Ian debuted Motor Sister at the couple's home as part of his 50th birthday celebrations in December, 2013, and the band, featuring The Cult drummer John Tempesta and Armored Saint bassist Joey Vera has since recorded a debut album, titled Ride, which will be released in March (15).

The Anthrax rocker tells, "My birthday present to myself was, I cherry picked my 12 favourite Mother Superior songs, I put a band together, and we played a concert in the jam room in my house for, like, 20 of our friends, who are really into Mother Superior. The vibe in the room was so good. It was me, Jim Wilson, Pearl, John Tempesta on drums and Joey Vera on bass. We crushed it."

He adds, "Long story short, (Joey's wife) Tracy Vera is at work the next day - she's the vice president of Metal Blade Records - and (president) Mike Faley walks in and says, 'I heard about this gig at Scott's house last night... Are they gonna do anything with that?' And she said, 'I don't know, I'll call Scott'.

"So she called and asked me, 'Do you want to do anything with this, because Metal Blade would sign it! It would be my project'... Two weeks later, we went into the studio... and made the record in two days. It f**king rocks!"

Motor Sister's first public performance will take place at Saint Vitus in Brooklyn, New York next month (12Feb15).