Meg Ryan thinks it is ''funny'' she is known for having ''famous hair''.

The 55-year-old actress is known for her signature short, blonde, curly locks, and the star finds it amusing that she has set a beauty trend and inspired other women to opt for the same look as her, although she wouldn't have noticed she made the hair style famous because she ''avoids'' any news about her.

Speaking in an article she penned for InStyle magazine, the 'Sleepless in Seattle' icon said: ''It's funny having famous hair. It's funny to have famous anything, for that matter. Fame has a half-life. It's sort of like radioactivity--long after the original offense, you still feel the effects. The Internet has complicated the situation, but I've found that I can avoid news of myself by employing almost exactly the same skill set I use for not looking in mirrors.

''I'm not exactly expert at ignoring myself, though, because news about me occasionally does waft in. For instance, I am aware that I once had a famous haircut. I know this mostly because I still see it on people in New York.''

Although Megan has observed people have opted for the same hair style as her, she doesn't always think the cropped do suits other people, and has hinted she even thinks the look is not on trend.

She added: ''Occasionally, it suits the person sporting it but mainly not, because it was the '90s after all, and its time has passed.''

The fashion muse has revealed hair expert Sally Hershberger has also made it known to her how popular her hair style was.

Megan continued: ''I also know this because Sally Hershberger, the stylist who put it on my head to begin with, told me so. Apparently, there were years and years when people would come to her with crumpled magazine pages and expect to leave her salon with the same cut as mine. She obliged as much as she could, but in some impossible cases--namely, for super-straight or very curly hair--she would have to deny the request. You can't please everybody.''

And whenever Megan thinks about her hair she thinks about her stylist who she has claimed is ''responsible'' for altering her tresses and making her a beauty icon.

The 'When Harry Met Sally' star said: ''When I think about my hair, I think about Sally because she is, for the most part, responsible for it to this day. She's cut, trimmed, razored, chopped, and slashed it for a million years now. For a while there was so much product in my hair that if you set the microwave on high and stuck my head in it for 30 seconds, I'd come out a muffin. Happily, I don't really have a lot of complaints about my hair. It takes direction well, meaning it mostly does what it's coaxed into doing. I like that it isn't terribly weather-dependent, and on a good day it tends to help my face out.''