Meghan Mccain, the daughter of US politician John McCain has posed for a photo shoot in the April issue of Playboy. Unlike most Playboy models, though, MCCain kept her clothes on, posing in a red sequin dress and talking to Playboy's reporters about her views on politics and her father's failed presidential campaign that took place in 2008.

Meghan is quick to defend her right to talk about politics. In the interview, she slams the right-wing blogger Dan Riehl, who said, of Meghan: "this self-indulgent set of mega-breasts doesn't belong anywhere near a TV studio commenting on anything." MCCain's response to his sexist remarks is to say "Who says stuff like that? Some guys out there just can't handle a woman with a strong opinion. And the quickest way to cut down a woman is to talk about her appearance." She does admit though, that if her father had become president of the United States of America, "You would have the craziest first daughter ever, who'd be making ridiculous headlines and hurting the administration every step of the way."

Meghan then goes on to discuss her love of Remington shotguns, her repulsion at the thought of a Kardashian-style MCCain family reality TV show and her love f Hunter S Thompson, which is somewhat at odds with her conservative political views. In the recent release of Game Change, the movie centered around Sarah Palin's disastrous involvement in her father's 2008 campaign, Meghan is played by Tiffany Thornton. With the inevitable increase of interest in the MCCain family, no doubt her dad will be glad that Meghan kept her clothes on for this one.